Summer Breeze…






Shop this look: Dress: Free People | Bra: Free People | Gladiators: Sam Edelman | Jewellery: Free People, Club Monaco, Nicola Chong Jewellery, GLAMROCKS Design | Watch: Kate Spade | Aviators: RayBan

Summer has been strange here in TO. Warm and chilly in the evenings, then hot and hot at night…but I sure do love those warm summer breezes…because goodness knows I get a chill when it’s 25+ with wind.

Everything has been good over here, busy and vacations and well just summer life. It is so short lived in Canada as we have a full 4 seasons to go through.

Hope you are enjoying your summer(s) or season wherever you are!

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Well we threw a little BBQ. Or rather a Brobeque. Just a little thing to invite the guys to be the fiancé’s men at our wedding. We know it is a little early, but we wanted to share the excitement!

Using his favourite beer, Newcastle Brown Ale we made sure everyone had “their own special brew”.

It was pretty cute, and I got the idea off of Pinterest…but made it my own – of course!

Super happy!


That evening sunshine…







Shop this look! Top: Free People | Jacket: French Connection | Jeans: 7 for all mankind | Shoes: Zara | Bracelet: Target | Necklace: Zara

How was your weekend? Ours was the right blend of fun with friends and low key times with Pups and the fiancé.

And there was plenty of sunshine!

There is something to say about evening sunshine. The warmth of the day. The potential of a next day tan. And remembering the day of warmth and great memories.

Happy Monday evening!


Love this look…


That Jillian Harris sure knows how to do a lot of things right. I follow her on Instagram, and occasionally her blog. But she has been a designer favourite slowly growing and stealing my heart! Her show homes just keep getting better and better. And this is definitely one of them!

I would love to design a show home one day!

xo N

…just inspire me…



Here we go! The fiancé and I are headed to sunny Cali for a work trip for me/mini vacation for the two of us! Have been to Cali before but I was quite little. And with this upcoming wedding we are planning…we are cutting back on the vacations – but this should be fun!


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be right back

girl1 copy

Leaving for a trip is always such an experience. You are excited to go somewhere new/different…but sad to leave home.

But I really don’t like packing…

Luckily I won’t be gone for too long. But a break is needed…and wanted. And this Canadian goose needs some sunshine on her skin and warmth on her face.

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added to my wish list


There are times where you find just the right piece to add to your design. Great pieces that you know people will ask where you got that from because of their unique shape, colour or just design.

I would love to have this piece.

Alvar Aalto pendant

just inspire me


Let’s get back to this whole blogging thing. I know you all love Interior of the day, but I have wanted to switch things up for awhile. Although I am in interior design, I find inspiration from almost anywhere: Pinterest, magazines, blogs, Tumblr pages, homes, restaurants, food – you name it. So there is going to be a change, some new features (creative titles/names have yet to come), and some old ones (Let’s Get Real seems to be an oldie but a goodie).

I want to share more things, and more beauty in all things design.

Would love to hear some feedback if you care to share your opinions. It should be a good mix of everything that inspires me. Less of a schedule more of a journal of sorts, a collection of ideas – back to good old blogging.

Thanks for sticking with me, and for all the love.

xo N

Subway tiled kitchen. Boyfriend jeans & white. Fedora & sundress. Gnocci & stripes. Home office. 

Let’s get real…



Hey friends… It has really been awhile – huh. A lot has happened in my life the past few months. And I really only started to feel like myself recently. From family drama, to being sick with the stomach flu, to having our pup running into our garden fencing and going to the animal emergency, laser eye surgery which took much longer to heal than usual.

A lot. And that entire string of events was a mouthful.

When I’ve spoken to people about things, I have heard that on a psychological scale if it were measured in points positive things/exciting things/happy things hit just as hard as negative things. And if this is true well then my bells were definitely ringing loud and clear. Almost as if one won the lottery (and nope, no jackpot).

But with that said good things have happened…the bf and I are engaged! My amazingly talented sister designed my ring and it is gorgeous! So excited, and happy and overwhelmed a bit. Because you see we have dated for 7 years (I know that’s long), and I knew it would happen eventually…but I just didn’t know when. So in the middle of a winter wonderland, at his grandmothers place “the Hill”, it happened. It was picture perfect, a little chilly, and I was just getting over the stomach flu…but I had no idea. So a true surprise- perfect!

These past few months have been up and down, and when I begin to reflect on what has happened it brings me to a time where I was just broken up with (don’t worry not from the bf/fiancé) and sad, and school sucked and life sucked (psh and I thought it could never get worse). And I decided to try something new, yoga. So I dragged my sister, to our first class. We had a lovely teacher, her voice was so soothing, and we all got mini neck/shoulder massages it seemed just wonderful. Well after class, she gave us these power cards. They were cards of empowerment with a sentence meant to give some sort of meaning/clarity in ones life. So as I continued to breathe, I read:

“Every storm brings a fresh new beginning.” 

And it is true.

xo N

Nest lately…



nestlately.feb27A vacation in AZ to see the family. Snuggle times with Buns. A new photoshoot with my photographer for my portfolio.

Thanks January, it was a great month!

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